Tandem Flight




  1. Meet and greet
  2. Passenger goes to check in counter for registration, get fly number and measuring passenger weight
  3. Welcome drink while waiting
  4. Ground crew recall the passenger for wear sport shoes, harness, and helmet (we provide sport shoes if passenger not wear sport shoes)
  5. Master tandem will explain safety equipment and safety procedures
  6. Take off at Melasti Cliff Flying site
  7. Fly for about 15 minutes, depending on wind condition, and passenger can enjoy some beautiful secret white sandy beaches from the air, villas also untouchable cliff facing Indian Ocean along the south coastline.
  8. Top Landing return to Melasti Cliff Flying site or beach, depend on wind condition too

Service Provided (Inclusive):

  1. Welcome drink and mineral water
  2. Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot, electric port for charging and music entertainment
  3. Waiting Room and toilets
  4. First Aid and Medicine
  5. Insurance (Our customers  are cover by insurance up to Rp250.000.000 (death), Rp250.000.000 (permanent disablement), Rp25.000.000 (medical expenses))
  6. Professional Tandem Pilot with rating T2 (experience tandem license).
  7. Safety equipment (according to the European Standard (ENs) we provide certified glider,helmet and harness for our guests which are compatible with FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) safety standard).
  8. Sport shoes for the passenger if needed.
  9. Lockers
  10. Certificate from Melasti Cliff Paragliding

Terms and Conditions of Tandem Flight

  1. Our Gliders can hold up to 210 kg. Our safety range for heaviest passenger will be 110 kg.
  2. The youngest recommended passenger will be 12 years old, depending on their height and weight. The oldest recommendation will be 64 years old depending on their health, height and weight
  3.  Our pilots is the one who make the decision for who is going and when.
  4. Sport shoes are recommended to wear for this activity. In case of winter season in Australia, lightsweater/jacket will be helpful sometimes.

Force Majeure

Please keep in mind that this activity is really depend on weather. We have to consider the wind direction, wind speed and the weight of passenger.  Our team pilot will decide who will fly and when. Our top priority is always the safety of our passengers. Please understand sometimes we have to cancel or reschedule the flight if weather not permitting based on safety decision. Strong wind, light wind and raining will be some of the causes for us cancel or reschedule the flight.